Young, Successful and Living in Luxury!

In a world where experience is asked of anyone who has come of age and can be hired, it can be a pain to have your name on the lips of everyone when you are young. But this was not a problem for 30 people who beat all odds and ended up in the Forbes, with their carrier reviewed and congratulated. How did they manage it, you ask?
Some of them adhered to the idea of ‘know your fellow clients’. Being so close to students, it was easy to manipulate this sector of constant necessities: real estate, early development of businesses, rentals, apps and so on. Their concept is based mostly on helping those who do not benefit of a high salary or “fat” accounts find a home or start their path in life in an easier, discount-rated way. On this term we have Blair Brandt, 24 years old, who has not forgotten his start in life in the privacy of his college…dorm.
Other brilliant minds made their mark in software and design technology, one such being Sha Hwang, aged 26, who now has the opportunity to work for Trulia and keeps projecting their maps. Stacey Wehe also stayed true to the career she chose when deciding for architecture, and is currently employed at Mackey Mitchells Architects, being the breath of fresh air some public houses and prototypes needed and has been known to design several Las Vegas mansion and penthouses.
In the brokers area we can also find some of our young achievers, David Vivero, Shane Spencer, Lauren Mitrick, Soly Halabi, James Dennin and Alex Hodara know their numbers and make quite a profit out of them, rising figures in all the fields they get to work in. Having their own websites that provide a new insight in this specific line of work has impelled them to become the first person of contact when you need “to score”.
Eric Trump is noted in the list, having evolved and expanded his father’s name and fortune to a great deal. Working on over 70 projects, he seems to follow close in his family steps and has managed to have a thriving success on golf course portfolio.
Scott Stoeckel and Jarred Roloff are invested in home building and focus mainly on energy preserving facilities. In the real estate business, we can also find Blake Sloan, who is a self made millionaire, as well as Jared Seligman, who has a large client list that includes, among others, the Olsen twins and James Franco.
So, what does it take to become a wealthy, respected individual while still being young? Not much some would say, except brains and a little bit of luck. Having everything you wish for doesn’t come over night. You have to work hard, value education and have street smarts to achieve success and live in luxury! Dream big, work hard and achieve what you are capable of! If you’re looking to buy or sell a home, contact us today!